Step Servo Drive System

Step Motor Drive

PSSD – Hybrid Step Servo Drive system integrate servo control technology into the digital stepper drive. It incorporates Closed Loop Servo technique in Current Control, Speed Control and Position loop of the stepper drive system. This is a very cost effective motion control product, offering Step Motor system with a Servo Control function.

Closed Loop Step Servo Drive

ModelCurrent Output (Amps)Voltage InputMatching Motor SizeWeight (Kg)Dimension (mm)
PSSD57-N-J-2P0-724-48 VDCNema 23, 34
(Frame Size 57, 86)
PSSD86H-N-J-2P0-730-100 VDC
24-70 VAC
Nema 23, 34
(Frame Size 57, 86)
PSSD9060-2P0-650-90 VACNema 34
(Frame Size 86)